Welcome! Its almost time for the 2018 NFL season and we’re getting ready for another year for All The Loot (ATL) football pool. A new year means a new chance to win, also a new chance to invite some friends and up the ante. This year we continue the tradition of a huge payout for the winner and some competitive fun. Pick well, the winner takes home the all ATL trophy with etched plaques of previous ATL winners and over $1000! 
Last Years Winner was Josh. He took home $1100 and was the very first second time winner in the All The Loot pool. His name is engraved on the trophy and will be cherished for centuries to come.​​​​​​​
JOIN NOW - If you didn't receive your invitation from Yahoo yet, you can use the following info to get into the pool:
PASSWORD: TouchDown18
LINK: https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/pickem
Have a great season and I look forward to competing with you all!
Morgan - The Commish

2017 Winner - Josh Grantz - Make The Loot Great Again

About the Pool 

Who: Anyone who loves the NFL
What: $50 buy-in, NFL pickem pool (winners only, no spread)
When: Complete Regular NFL season - 17 weeks
Where: From your couch, phone, whereva!
Why: Because you want ALL THE LOOT!
The Payout

Last year we had 27 PAID players with the winner taking home $1100, second taking $100 and third wining back the entry fee of $50. 
This year we plan to keep the payout the same:
1st - $ALL THE LOOT 
2nd - $100
3rd - $50
Play Online with Yahoo 

You must have a yahoo account to play as the entire pool is run though the Yahoo Sports Football Pickem:
The site requires that you have a yahoo or hotmail profile
Register with Morgan after you pay the entry fee and you will be given the pool group ID and password.
Simply click “Join a Group”, enter the info, and you’re in
When you register, make sure to select the options that you want
Make your picks for the games up to 5 minutes before they start, the service ranks it all out for you, and you can make comments on the message boards.
Tie Breaking Rule

If there are two players that have made the same amount of picks at the end of the season, they are to continue their picking through the playoffs in true playoff fashion. The first player to pick the most wins in the playoffs will win the pool. If there is a tie each week, players shall continue until the Super Bowl, where each player will pick the winner AS WELL as the TOTAL POINTS for the game. The player who gets the correct pick and has the closest total points will win the pool.
Register and Pay 

Register with the Commish -Morgan Grimshaw:
Send me your name, email, payment method
If you are paying with a check, email me and I will send you my address.
Preferred payment is by PayPal, you can also process credit / debit card payments through this interface as well, click the button below:
All the loot sits in the account until the end of the season and is then distributed by PayPal, cash money or check
Deadline for payment is Week 2
Late charges $5 each week unpaid
I hate to do it, but I also hate having to ask people to pay their entry fee.
Invite Your Friends 

We are looking to add some more competition this year, so please feel free to invite your friend's and family if you feel like taking all their loot as well. 


Send me an email morgan.grimshaw@gmail.com or give me a call at 702-290-4021

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